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Frames Data

The Definitive Product Guide for Eye Care Professionals

For 36 years, Frames Data has produced definitive references for eyeglass frames, ophthalmic lenses, contact lenses, and eyecare supplies and equipment, distributing those through specialized print, electronic, and web vehicles. Eye care professionals use our products to check product specifications, set pricing, verify managed care information, and manage their inventory systems.

Frames Data® Quarterly

Often called the "bible" of the industry by eye care professionals, this publication is the definitive reference for frame style information in the industry. With complete specifications on over 60,000 currently available styles from over 200 industry manufacturers and importers, this publication is a "must have" for the dispensary. The "Quarterly" is fully cross referenced for easy use and includes contact information for all listing companies for easy ordering.

Frames Data® Price Book

Used as a reference for managed care reimbursement and retail pricing, this monthly publication is a vital tool used every day by eye care professionals. Pricing is included for all frame styles listed in the Frames Quarterly. This publication comes as part of the complete Frames Data subscription.

Frames Data® E-Products

The Frames Quarterly CD-ROM and monthly SPEX/UPC CD-ROM provide all the data in our print publications in a format compatible with nearly every practice management program available, facilitating automated inventory management and search capabilities, saving significant time and manual effort for the practice. The CD-ROM also works by itself as a stand alone program, allowing users to easily search for frames, maintain inventory, and print out ordering information. TRACING POINTS is a database of over 80,000 frame shapes, and can be used with many laboratory management software systems to determine optimal blank size requirements for uncut work. DRILLING POINTS is a complete database of shape and drilled feature attributes for drilled rimless eyewear styles. It is compatible with manual and automated drilling machinery, most major laboratory management software systems, and is available in versions for both the wholesale optical laboratory and in-office finishing labs. Our electronic products are available by themselves or at a special discount price to our current print subscribers.

Lenses Product Guide

This biannual reference helps eye care professionals stay up to date with the latest in single vision, multi-focal, and progressive lens products, as well as specialty lens designs. It is fully cross referenced to make finding specific lenses easy, whether it be by brand name, lens design, material, or special features. This guide is part of the complete Frames Data subscription or can be ordered separately.

An added-value service for subscribers, our website offers the complete frame database online, fully searchable, and updated every two weeks with the latest frame styles. This service is part of the complete Frames Data subscription.

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